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Oil catch can specifically designed for the 2GR swap in the SW20 MR2 chassis.  The Wilhelm Raceworks catch can is internally baffled, and bolts to existing mounting points on the firewall.  The can is intended to be installed with a drain back to the oil pan, so it will never need emptying!  To facilitate this, the PCV valve must be moved to the 3/8 BSP port on the can. 

The drain back is particularly beneficial on a track car where you may wish to over fill the oil by about a half quart to reduce oil starvation.  Without the drain, eventually the extra oil will end up in the catch can where it won't do your motor any good.

A 6an to 3/8 BSP fitting is provided to convert the PCV valve port on the manifold to AN hose. The catch has a 6an inlet fitting on the top, and a 6an on the bottom for the drain.  A piece of 6an hose without fittings works perfectly for the line from the PCV valve to the manifold.  Plumbing not included.

Wilhelm Raceworks 2GR-FE Catch Can

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2GR-FE catch can mounted on firewall 2GR-FE catch can mounted on firewall

Hoses and fittings required for installation (not included)

  • Valve cover to catch can: 6AN, approximately 11" overall length, 90° and 120° hose ends
  • Catch can drain: 6AN, approximately 22" overall length. 90° and 45° hose ends .  I recommend some sort of heat sleeving on this hose due to proximity to the exhaust.  A p-clamp to attach it to the slave cylinder would be a good idea as well.
  • Catch can to intake manifold: 6AN bare hose, no fittings - approximately 23" long (length may vary depending on which intake manifold you have installed)
  • Drain port in oil pan:  6AN sealed bulkhead fitting, or 6AN weld on, in upper pan near dipstick port

2GR-FE catch can installed with plumbing

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