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Wilhelm Raceworks brake lines for Wilwood calipers

By popular demand, I am offering the steel braided brake lines from my big brake kit separately as well.  Steel braided, PTFE lined, with a black nylon cover and a 90° fitting on the caliper end, these brake lines are made in the USA by Techna-Fit to my specifications.  Designed specifically for use with Wilwood calipers on the MKII MR2 chassis.  They might be suitable with other aftermarket calipers with a 1/8" NPT inlet fitting.  NOT for use with stock calipers.

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  1. Friday, 04 November 2022 15:19

    Are they direct for wildwood super lights without an adapter?

    1. Friday, 04 November 2022 17:04

      They come with a 1/8 NPT to 3AN adapter.  I don't think you would want to be threading an NPT fitting in every time you wanted to disconnect the calipers, since it requires sealant and might eventually damage the threads in the caliper.

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