Rear Diffuser

Sheet metal rear diffuser and transmission under panel for your MR2!  Based on the prototype I described in my blog, with some improvements and additions. 

Rendering of the production parts shown below:

This diffuser will NOT fit any existing MR2 exhaust other than my center exit Borla for 2GR swaps.  For non-2GR applications, a custom center exit exhaust will be required.  I can sell you just the muffler section from my exhaust, and a custom mid-pipe would need to be made to complete the system.

Installation will require drilling two holes in the rear cross member and installing rivnuts in those holes.  A half dozen holes in the rear bumper beam will also be required.  The diffuser will ship disassembled, and unfinished.  Assembly and installation will require a pop-rivet tool, and a rivnut puller.

This will initially be sold on a group buy basis.  Assuming at least five orders, the final price will be $600 plus shipping.  If significantly more than five orders are made, the price may come down some.  A deposit of $300 is required to secure your spot.  Group buy will run thru September 13th, 2020.

Current number of orders: 12

The prototype on my car.  The production version is slightly wider, extends slightly further forward, and has an extra vertical divider in the two side tunnels.