Oil Cooler Adapter

Wilhelm Raceworks oil cooler adapter for 2GR-FE V6

Bolt-on adapter for adding an external oil cooler to a 2GR-FE.  Features two -10AN x M20 adapters with rubber bonded sealing washers, o-ring grooves on the back side to seal against the oil pan, and a special locking plate to ensure the adapter fittings cannot loosen.  O-rings are standard -12AN size for easy replacement if needed (available wherever AN fittings and hose are sold).  Includes mounting hardware.  Please let me know if the stock studs are missing from your oil pan, I can include three bolts instead of the standard one bolt / two nuts shown.

Requires the upper oil pan from an engine with the factory oil cooler.

Made in the USA


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Wilhelm Raceworks oil cooler adapter for 2GR-FE V6 Wilhelm Raceworks oil cooler adapter for 2GR-FE V6

2GR oil cooler adapter installed on upper oil pan


  1. Tuesday, 16 November 2021 02:34
    What can I do about leaks on this. I used it on my first engine with no issues, on my 2nd engine I've got leaks. Adapter is torqued to spec with o-rings in place and rubber bonded sealing washers look like in good condition. Can't tell if it's the AN fittings or something else. I have lots of pictures that I can send if that'll help.
    1. Tuesday, 16 November 2021 16:39
      The O-rings and rubber bonded washers probably won't re-seal very well after they have been torqued down and then heat cycled for a while.  Best to replace them if reinstalling on a new motor.  Send me an email and I can get you a new set of seals.

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