2GR-FE Oil Pressure Data

When I swapped the 2GR-FE v6 into my MR2, one of the little things I did was add an oil pressure sensor hooked up to my Race Capture Pro data logger.  This allowed me to log oil pressure for later analysis along side all of the other parameters that I log on track or at an autocross.  Earlier Toyota v6's have been known to have some pretty bad oil starvation problems when tracked, and while others experience has shown that the 2GR does not suffer as badly as the earlier motors, I wanted to check for myself.

At first glance, the data I collected didn't seem to shown any major oil pressure issues, but it was difficult to tell for sure due to there being too much  of what appeared to be random variations.  However, once I filtered the data into three categories based on lateral g-force a trend popped out. The filtering used is less than 0.2g for "straight" and greater than 0.9g for "left turn" and "right turn".  The data ranges up to ~1.3g consistently, with spikes up to ~1.5g.

First, with no baffle at all.  The data here was collected over three days of autocross, 32 runs total.  A pretty clear 6-7 psi drop in average pressure is evident on RH turns, with a much smaller drop on LH turns.  Not a critical problem, but not ideal either as any drop in oil pressure indicates the pickup is sucking air.

2GR oil pressure data - stock oil pan

The first step to fixing this was to build a baffle for the stock oil pan.  Ignore the difference in absolute pressure between this graph and the previous one, I changed from 5w40 to 5w30 oil which accounts for the lower overall pressure.  This data is from three days of autocross, 24 runs.  The baffle produced a modest improvement in average pressures under cornering, but not the complete fix I had hoped for.

2GR oil pressure data - baffled oil pan

The next thing I tried was to over fill the oil pan by about a quart (about 1/2" on the dip stick).  This produced a pretty significant improvement in oil pressures, but had the side effect of causing the motor to burn oil (something mine had never done before).  I found that the extra burned off over the first few autocross runs, and that once it got down to about 1/2 quart extra (1/4" to 1/3" on the dip stick) it seemed to stop burning any more.  I suspect that a good catch can setup could allow additional over fill without the oil burning issue (I do not have a catch can on my motor, but will likely be adding one).  This data is from two days of autocross, 20 runs. 

2GR oil pressure data - baffled oil pan +1/2qt extra oil

In conclusion, while the 2GR doesn't seem to suffer from as bad of oil starvation issues as some motors (mine survived ~8.5 hours of track and autocross time without any special attention and with no apparent ill effects), it could still be improved on.  Baffling alone does not seem to be the magic bullet one would hope for, but baffling plus a little extra oil in the pan seems to do the trick.  An extra 1/2 quart of oil seems to have no side effects, but more than that will cause the motor to burn oil through the crank case vent.  A catch can (particularly one with a drain to the oil pan) may well allow additional over-fill without side effects.