Y-Pipe and Exhaust

The Wilhelm Raceworks Y-Pipe for 2GR-FE swaps into the MKII MR2 connects Frankenstein Motorworks headers to the Berk Technology muffler.   304 stainless steel TIG welded construction, with 2.25" pipes before the merge and 3" pipe after the merge.  Includes stainless steel hardware for connection to both the headers and the muffler, as well as a gasket for the Y-pipe to muffler connection.

If you need a catalytic converter for an emissions test or just don't like the smell of a catless car, I can add a Vibrant metal core cat to the Y-pipe as shown below.  The only catch is, it's a pretty snug fit and the lower most bolt on the rear e153 transmission mount won't fit any longer.  However, I have been running my car for over two years without that bolt and so far I have not seen any reason it is necessary.  There are four other bolts on that mount!  I can also modify existing y-pipes in this manner, please contact me to discuss.


Made in the USA!

2GR Y-Pipe

Note for International Customers: My site does not calculate international shipping on the Y-pipe.  International shipping generally ranges from $90 to $130.  I will send an invoice for the actual shipping cost after you order.

For those looking for something a little out of the ordinary, I am now offering a complete (header back) exhaust for the 2GR, featuring a twin tip center exit design and a Borla Pro-XS muffler.  Not only does this provide a unique look and awesome sound, it also saves about about 16lb off the back of the car compared to the Berk Technology muffler.  Please note that this does require drilling three holes in the floor of the trunk to mount the muffler bracket.  More pictures and info can be found in my blog where I documented the build of the exhaust for my car.

This exhaust is a little on the loud side.  It was measured at 97db at ~50ft at a local autocross, so please keep this in if you have specific sound restrictions to meet.  Cruising on the highway or around town is not too bad in the car with the addition of a Helmholtz resonator as described here (not shown in the picture, but will be included in future production).  A set of tip silencers drops the WOT sound level by a couple db and quiets the cruise sound levels a little as well.  A little work is required to fit them, contact me for details.


Made in the USA!

Center Exit Exhaust with Borla Muffler: $550

Requires customized version of the Y-pipe that I sell.  Either order a y-pipe along with the exhaust, or send in your existing y-pipe to be modified.

Note:  I have these built in small quantities, please contact me to confirm stock before order.  If not in stock shipping will be delayed by 3-4 weeks.

Note for International Customers: As with the Y-pipe, my site does not calculate international shipping on the full exhaust system.  International shipping generally ranges from $100 to $150. I will send an invoice or refund for the actual shipping cost after you order.