Adjustable Strut Rods

Wilhelm Raceworks Adjustable Front Strut Rods

Adjustable front strut rods for the 93+ SW20 MR2.  Add caster adjustment to your 93-99 MR2, while tightening the suspension by replacing the bushing with a rod end spherical bearing.  These can also be used on a 91-92 MR2 by purchasing a pair of 93+ front strut rod brackets and pivot bolts. 

Featuring double threaded linkage adjuster for easy adjustment on the car and alloy steel FK 3-piece rod ends..  Wilhelm Raceworks front strut rods are based on OEM parts, and include re-finished OEM studs for attachment to the control arm. 

A strut rod core is required, and must be received before your adjustable strut rods will be shipped.


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Cores may be either a 91 OR 93+ style strut rod.  They must be straight and include the studs where they attach to the control arm, but otherwise condition is generally unimportant. 
I am looking for extra cores.  If you have a spare set of strut rods laying around I will pay an additional $40 per pair for them.

If you have the means to cut the core yourself you can reduce the size and weight to save on shipping by cutting them as shown here.  This allows them to fit in a flat rate box and can save you 10 bucks or more on shipping, depending on your location.


  1. Monday, 23 May 2022 21:08
    Trying to send you 3 sets a long with my order but I'm confused on where to cut my strut rods.. Your pic says no less than 10" from the rear stud but shows it cut at 9"???
    1. Tuesday, 31 May 2022 14:49
      The picture shows how I cut them, the instructions to leave them at 10" ensures I have material to trim off to get them to just the right length.

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