Aluminum Knuckles

Wilhelm Raceworks billet aluminum rear suspension knuckle

Billet aluminum rear suspension knuckles for the SW20 MR2!

Benefits and Features: 

-Saves 5.5lb per corner, a 28% weight reduction on the knuckle / hub assembly.
-Improved suspension geometry.  Strut angle is increased for a slightly better camber curve, and bump steer can be fine tuned much easier than with stock knuckles.
-Easier wheel bearing changes due to the bolt on bearing and hub assembly.
-Improved suspension travel compared to stock knuckles or stock knuckles plus my geometry kit.
-Alignment aid.  Threaded hole in the top of the knuckle tab allows an M8 screw to be installed to reference a camber setting before taking the suspension apart, enabling it to be re-assembled to the same camber setting easily.

Billet Aluminum rear knuckle kit Billet Aluminum rear knuckle

-Front hubs from a 2006-2012 Toyota Rav4.  Not included.  Rav4 V6 hubs match the E153 axle spline, Rav4 4-cylinder hubs match the S54 axle spline.
-Roll center adjuster and tie rod from my suspension geometry kit OR control arms with an inverted ball joint and ~1.25 in of roll center adjustment built into the control arm.  Matching front geometry correction highly recommended.

If you already have my geometry kit you will need:
-A new pair of rod ends for the outer ends of the tie rods (5/8" bore instead of 1/2" bore).  $40
-If you have the short tie rod version of the geometry kit you will need a 1" longer tie rod tube (11" instead of 10"). $30
-If you have the long tie rod version of the geometry kit purchased after April 2021 you will need a 1" longer tie rod tube (15" instead of 14").  $30

-The options below represent the most common combinations of required parts.  Please contact me if you have any questions about what pieces may be needed to complete the installation.

Installation Instructions

Made in the USA!

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* Add Geometry Kit?:

Billet Aluminum rear knuckle Billet Aluminum rear knuckle Billet Aluminum rear knuckle

3D model of front knuckle, coming soon!

Billet aluminum front suspension knuckles for the SW20 MR2, coming soon.

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The included bump steer spacers should be close enough for most users, but if you wish to fine tune a little you will need some additional spacers.  This kit includes 2 each of .030", .060", .100", and .200" aluminum bump steer spacers.  You will need to remove the spring, and jack the suspension through it's range of motion using a bump steer gauge to properly adjust bump steer.

Bump steer spacer kit

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  1. Sunday, 24 October 2021 13:08
    Anyway to get a set for the aw11 made? I need to switch to sw20 turbo splines since i keep breaking axles.
    1. Monday, 25 October 2021 22:27

      The main body and the strut tab would probably work as is on the MKI (since the strut is the same, and the ball joint is the same). The only issue might be the toe arm, and while I think it's a bit longer than the one on the MKI, it may work (I would have to get under my MKI to take a look). Maybe a custom shorter toe arm would be required. Worst case would be if the tie rod needed to be inside the end of the toe arm to make the bump steer curve work right. Send me an email if you want to discuss further.

  2. Monday, 01 November 2021 11:45
    Will these front and rear knuckles work with the OEM Turbo brakes and rotors?  Reason I'm asking is the current Wilwood brake kit I'm running uses the stock brake location with the Hux Racing adapters using the Supra Rotors in the front and the RX8 Sport (front) rotors for the rear. 
    1. Tuesday, 02 November 2021 10:06
      Yes, I designed both to have stock caliper mounting tabs so they should work with stock brakes or any existing big brake kit.  The hubs also have the same brake rotor pilot diameter so the rotor (or adapter rings in the case of your RX8 rotors) will fit just like stock hubs.
    2. Wednesday, 03 November 2021 19:46
      Great thanks
  3. Thursday, 04 November 2021 23:46
    How long is the wait on the knuckles? 
    1. Friday, 05 November 2021 09:50
      I will likely do another batch of the rears later this winter.  I will be doing a couple of prototype sets of the fronts soon, and after they have had some testing time will do a batch of those as well, maybe next spring or summer.

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