Aluminum Knuckles

Wilhelm Raceworks billet aluminum rear suspension knuckle

Billet aluminum rear suspension knuckles for the SW20 MR2!

Benefits and Features: 

-Saves 5.5lb per corner, a 28% weight reduction on the knuckle / hub assembly.
-Improved suspension geometry.  Strut angle is increased for a slightly better camber curve, and bump steer can be fine tuned much easier than with stock knuckles.
-Easier wheel bearing changes due to the bolt on bearing and hub assembly.
-Improved suspension travel compared to stock knuckles or stock knuckles plus my geometry kit.

Coming Soon!


-Front hubs from a 2006-2012 Toyota Rav4.  Not included.  Rav4 V6 hubs match the E153 axle spline, Rav4 4-cylinder hubs match the S54 axle spline.
-Roll center adjuster and tie rod from my suspension geometry kit OR control arms with an inverted ball joint and ~1.25 in of roll center adjustment built into the control arm.  Matching front geometry correction highly recommended.

If you already have my geometry kit you will need:
-A new rod end for the outer end of the tie rod (5/8" bore instead of 1/2" bore).  $40
-If you have the short tie rod version of my geometry kit you will need a 1" longer tie rod tube (11" instead of 10"). $30

-The options below represent the most common combinations of required parts.  If you have inverted ball joint control arms you won't need the RCA's, please contact me in this case.

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