Fire Suppression Systems

Is your track car fire suppression system up to the task of putting out a significant fire?

MR2 owner / racer Mike Reed recently suffered a catastrophic engine failure at the track, resulting in an oil fire that was only just barely put out in time.

See Lifeline's website for detailed specifications.  If there is an alternative Lifeline system that you are interested in please let me know, these are just the ones I estimated would be most popular.

Zero 2020 FIA 3.0ltr Fire Marshal Mechanical Fire Suppression System

Lifeline 3L AFFF Fire Suppression System

SKU Lifeline 3L Fire Suppression System

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Lifeline AFFF Handheld Extinguisher

Lifeline AFFF handheld extinguisher

SKU Lifeline AFFF Handheld Extinguisher
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Dimensions for Lifeline AFFF handheld extinguishers:
1L 201-100-001: 13" x 3.5" (331mm x 90mm) 3.5lbs (1.58kg)
1.75L 201-100-002: 14.75" x 4.25" (375mm x 108mm) 5.8lbs (2.65kg)
2.4L 201-100-003: 17.3" x 4.25" (440mm x 108mm) 7.8lbs (3.53kg)

Please note all Lifeline AFFF systems should be serviced / refilled every two years.


  1. Thursday, 02 June 2022 15:49
    Thoughts on the zero 360 novec 1230? Thanks
    1. Sunday, 12 June 2022 10:04
      I'm certainly no expert on this stuff, but I just did a little reading on it and it sounds like a good option.  Lighter weight, but more expensive.  They say it's more effective.  The one advantage I see to an AFFF system is that the liquid aspect of it will cool hot things which may help prevent re-ignition, whereas the inert gas style like the Novec may put the fire out, but if it doesn't stay out long enough it may come back once the gas clears the area.It's certainly a system I can supply if you are interested, but definitely do your own research on it.  Like I said, I'm definitely not a fire system expert!
  2. Wednesday, 22 June 2022 11:07
    I'm certainly not an expert but I worked for Johnson Controls formerly Tyco for about half a year out of university. They are one of the biggest fire supression companies if not the biggest in the world. They utilise Novec 1230 within their fire suspension systems and I've been able to see it used first hand. I think you're quite right about it dissapating into the atmosphere before the fire would be completely extinguished, it was usually used in IT data rooms etc. where the room is sealed. You actually have to install a switch which opens the door from the inside of the room, if you're stuck inside Novec depletes the oxygen in the room and you'd sufficate.
    Interestingly though, I think it would be help with wiring harnesses and other electrical items. You can completely submerge electrical items under Novec when it's in a water state and it causes no damage.

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