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Complete fuel system for your 2GR swapped MR2.  Custom made, permanently crimped -6 PTFE line from the regulator to the motor, and your choice of a PTFE -6 OR a braided rubber -4 AN return line from the regulator to the tank.  Includes Radium housing and genuine Bosch regulator.

If you chose the PTFE -6 return line option an adapter fitting must be installed on the stock return hard line.  This requires cutting the rolled bead off the end of the stock hard line, as shown here.  This can be done with the engine and fuel tank in the car, but it is NOT easy!  The -4 rubber line slips over the stock barb and secures with a hose clamp like the stock return line.

Fuel line kits come with custom adapter fitting to mount the included Radium directly on the stock filter as shown below.

Hose lengths are sized for a filter mounted regulator as shown below.  Includes all necessary adapter fittings, hardware, and clamps.

Use caution when installing the supplied plug in the regulator housing's gauge port.  It can be easy to strip the plug.  I have found liquid teflon sealant to work better than teflon tape in this application (Permatex 59214 is what I have used).


Fuel lines for 2GR swap with PTFE return line PTFE Return Line Option Fuel lines for 2GR swap with rubber return line Rubber Return Line Option


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M12x1.25 to 6AN O-ring fitting

Sometimes it's the little things. A plumbing fitting for example. Especially a plumbing fitting that doesn't exist (until now). In this case, an adapter to allow a fuel pressure regulator to be mounted directly on the stock fuel filter.

M12x1.25 to -6AN O-ring adapter.  Viton O-ring and aluminum crush washer included. This eliminates the need for mounting the regulator, eliminates one adapter fitting, and eliminates one piece of hose and two hose ends. Ideal for 2GR-FE or other V6 swaps where the motor requires a return-less fuel system with static fuel pressure, but could easily be used on a turbo setup as well.   In that case a vacuum line for the regulator pressure reference would be needed, as well as converting the fuel system to a dead-head setup.  Please send me an email if you want to purchase one of these separately.

I used this fitting with a Radium regulator housing and Bosch OEM regulator as shown below, but it could also be used to mount other small adjustable FPR's as well.

Radium FRP installed with custom fitting. Radium FRP installed with custom fitting.

The "teeth" on the top of the fuel filter may need to be bent in slightly to allow the regulator to screw on.  The filter and part of it's bracket will need to be removed to install the regulator, and the filter may need to be re-clocked in the bracket to achieve the desired regulator orientation.


  1. Monday, 03 January 2022 11:57
    I've had my eye on your 2GR fuel system for quite some time. I only physically got an engine last week, didn't realize the 2GR was returnless until then.
    Since your fuel system is out of stock at the moment, I went through my parts to see what I need to make this work. At most, the only components I am lacking are the fuel filter adapter and the Radium unit. I've used a two-port Aeromotive FPR for years without issue with one port blocked on a 3SGTE. I'm curious if I can simply open the blocked port to connect the return side? Or is the Radium unit fundamentally different in regards to a returnless setup
    Do you happen to have the fuel filter adapters or the Radium units in stock?
    I also need to send my coolant neck for modification. How is your workload?
    -Dan Loman
    1. Monday, 03 January 2022 12:12
      Hi Dan.  You can do exactly what you suggest with the Aeromotive, I used one that way early on with my swap.  The problem I ran into was that the Aeromotive bleeds off pressure when you shut the car off, which was causing some hot start issues for me.  Swapping to the Bosch regulator solved that.  But the Aeromotive does work...I do have regulators and the adapter fitting in stock, it's just the lines that I am currently out of.
  2. Sunday, 09 October 2022 12:25

    Hey there. 
    So I realize that this might be privy information since you sell the whole fuel line, but would you be able to point me in the direction of the correct adapter fitting to mate a -6 line to the SW20 fuel tank line?  This seems to be an elusive part and apparently an often incorrectly replaced part. 
    Thanks for any direction. 

    1. Sunday, 09 October 2022 16:47

      I assume you mean for the feed from the tank to the filter?  The fitting you are looking for is an M14x1.5 inverted flare to 6an adapter.  Not common, but they are out there.  That piece isn't part of my kit, my kit is just from the filter to the motor, and from the regulator back to the tank.

  3. Thursday, 26 January 2023 14:58

    Hey Alex, question for you. What fitting are you using on the stock return line off the gas tank? I see you need to modify the line by cutting off the flare at the end, but it says you then slide the hose over and use a hose clamp - which looks to be for the regular return line, not the PTFE line. I wanted to purchase this kit from you but I need to do some custom routing for my setup so I can't really use this (also using on a 3SGTE). I'd appreciate it if you could share that fitting as i'd like to do a fitting directly off that line instead of a clamp. Thank you!

    1. Thursday, 26 January 2023 16:49

      It's just a 1/4" version of the SAE quick disconnect adapter that I use on the 2GR fuel rail.  $15 shipped, email me if you want one.

  4. Tuesday, 28 March 2023 23:58

    Hey Alex,

    looking to do a 2ar swap on an aw11 and right now putting together a list of parts I need. Is it possible for this to work on an aw11 or no? Thanks


    1. Wednesday, 29 March 2023 09:32

      The basic concept and most of the adapter fittings should work on the AW / 2AR just fine.  I cannot guarantee that the hoses are the right length though.  Email me, I can set you up with everything except the hoses if you like, and then you just need custom lines.  Or wait till you get to that point in the build and can mock up the lines and figure out what length you need, we can compare to what I stock for the SW / 2GR.

  5. Sunday, 23 April 2023 05:23

    Hi Alex 

    just a question on what is actually included in the purchase ? Is the O ring adapter included ? I presume the fuel pressure regulator isn’t included 

    Many Thanks 


    1. Sunday, 23 April 2023 08:58

      The Radium housing and Bosch regulator ARE included.  I need to update the photos...  The kit has everything you need for the fuel system when installing a 2GR-FE into an SW20.

    2. Sunday, 23 April 2023 11:33

      Thanks Alex I will be ordering on Friday ! 

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