2GR-FE Fuel System

2GR-FE Fuel System

2GR-FE Fuel System 2GR-FE Fuel System
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Complete fuel system for your 2GR swapped MR2. Custom made, permanently crimped -6 PTFE line from the regulator to the motor, and your choice of a PTFE -6 OR a braided rubber -4 AN return line from the regulator to the tank. Includes regulator housing and genuine Bosch regulator.

The 4 bar regulator option allows the stock fuel injectors to be used up to about 350whp, but requires a matching ECU tune to run properly (available from Frankenstein Motorworks).

If you chose the PTFE -6 return line option an adapter fitting must be installed on the stock return hard line. This requires cutting the rolled bead off the end of the stock hard line, as shown here. This can be done with the engine and fuel tank in the car, but it is NOT easy! The -4 rubber line slips over the stock barb and secures with a hose clamp like the stock return line.

Fuel line kits come with custom adapter fitting to mount the included regulator housing directly on the stock filter as shown below. Includes all necessary adapter fittings, hardware, and clamps.

The "teeth" on the top of the fuel filter may need to be bent in slightly to allow the regulator to screw on. The filter and part of it's bracket will need to be removed to install the regulator, and the filter may need to be re-clocked in the bracket to achieve the desired regulator orientation.

Return Line Type
-6 PTFE (see note) (0)
-4 Nylon-Braided Rubber (0)
Fuel Pressure Regulator
3 BAR (0)
4 BAR (10)
2GR-FE Fuel System