Custom Helmholtz Resonator

Custom Helmholtz Resonator
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As described in my blog, a Helmholtz resonator can be a great way to reduce exhaust drone that occurs at a specific frequency. This resonator is custom made to target whatever drone is most annoying in your car or truck! I recommend using a cell phone app or other device to identify the target frequency.

The Helmholtz canister is 4 inch diameter. The length of the resonator will depend on the target frequency. Make sure you have sufficient space alongside your exhaust pipe to fit the resonator. You will need to drill a 1.375" hole in the exhaust and weld the resonator on.

100hz = 16 in overall length including neck.
200hz = 7 in overall length including neck.

Email me if you have limited space and want to know the exact length a specific resonator will be. For exhaust diameters not in the drop down, leave a note in the order comments.

Custom made from 304 stainless steel. Allow ~2 weeks to ship.

Exhaust Pipe Diameter
Drone Frequency in Hz