Spring Perches

Spring Perches

Spring Perches Spring Perches
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Some coilovers do not use a separate upper spring perch, particularly on the rear, instead resting the spring directly on the underside of their strut mount similar to the stock suspension. These require the addition of a new upper perch to be compatible with these strut mounts. See the chart below, or contact me for help choosing the correct perches for your application. Sold by the pair. Available in a solid style for the rear and a roller bearing style for the front. In some cases (KW for example) it is best to purchase a roller bearing set and move the stock KW solid front perches to the rear.

Coilover Fit Chart (Click Here)

Coilover / Damper

Thread SizeSpring IDPerch IDNotes
Koni SportM14x1.5 2.5"15mm
Koni RaceM14x1.5 2.5"14mm
KW V3M14x1.560mm14mmRequires rear spring perch.
Tien BasicM14x1.5

Tien FlexM14x1.5

Tien Mono-FlexM14x1.52.5" (65mm)15mmRear springs 70mm ID. Reuse existing rear spring perch.
I have ONE set of 70mm spring perches in stock, contact me to order.
BC RacingM12x1.5
60mm12mmRequires rear spring perch.
Thread pitch varies based on age of coilover! Please double check before ordering.
Fortune AutoM12x1.2560mm12mm

Requires rear spring perch.
Center bore varies based on age of coilover! Please double check before ordering.
Blitz ZZRM12x1.2560mm12mm

Spring Diameter
Center Bore
Spring Perches