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These parts allow you to convert a "rear shift" (FWD) E series transmission (E153, E350, E351, E352) from a Camry, Scion, etc to "front shift" to install in the MR2.  The shift shaft has multiple snap ring grooves and pin holes to accommodate all variations of these transmission that I am aware of.  Simply match them up with the shaft you remove from the new transmission and install the shift hardware from the new transmission in the same locations.

Shift shaft for E153 / E351 transmission

The shift shaft comes with a back cap to close off the original rear shift opening, sealed with an O-ring and retained with green locktite (included).  Also available without the cap for those repairing a broken shaft in an MR2 transmission, or if you have an MR2 back cap to use on your Camry transmission.

You will need the shift lever and shift bellcrank from an MR2, either E153 OR S54 transmission to complete the conversion.  Please contact me if you are interested in a reproduction of these parts, I will consider it if there is demand.

Made in the USA!

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* Include Back Cap?:

* Add 3D Printed Drill Tube?:

In my blog post about the E351 swap, I showed a tube that I used to drill the transmission case without disassembly.  A drawing of that part can be found here for those who wish to make their own.

For those with a 3D printer, here is the STL file for the tube

Shift Bellcrank Bracket

Shifter bellcrank bracket

The shift bellcrank bracket is unique to the MR2 E153.  If converting a Camry E153 or an E35x you will need to source either the MR2 E153 bracket, or purchase this reproduction.  As noted above, the bellcrank and shift lever can be sourced from either an MR2 E153 OR an S54.

Made in the USA!

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ABS Tone Ring Spacer

Tone ring spacer Tone ring spacer installed

Keeping ABS while using the current axle solution for the narrow E-series transmission requires swapping the MR2 tone rings to the new axles.  This spacer is required for that swap, as described in my blog.  Sold by the pair.

Installation Note:  Be careful to keep the tone ring perfectly flush with the outer most press fit ring on the CV joint.  If it is not flush it will cause variations in the sensor air gap and may lead to ABS error codes.

Made in the USA!  

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Transmission Info

To the best of my knowledge, these parts will work with any E153 OR any E350 / E351 / E352 transmission, see the E-Series Transmission Wikipedia page for details on models and years and the various gear ratio / final drive options available.  Installing the E350 / E351 / E352 "narrow E-series" transmission in the SW20 requires a new rear mount bracket, available from Frankenstein Motorworks.



  1. Wednesday, 18 May 2022 19:38
    Thanks for all the work putting this together. This is much needed. I have a 2012 Scion XB E350 and love the idea of much lower cruising rpm. My question is if I mount the 2012 Scion XB E350 in my 1991 MR2, 2.2NA, 5 speed what is the best way to make the speedometer work?
    1. Tuesday, 31 May 2022 14:52
      The speed sensor from the S54 transmission should fit the E350 / E351.  I don't know if they all have the speedo gear pre-installed, but mine did (even though it had a blockoff plug on the speed sensor hole).  However you may need to mess with the calibration on the speedometer to get it to read right, as the number of teeth on the drive gear are different than the stock S54 gear.  You also may be able to address this by using an alternate driven gear, installed in the S54 drive unit.
  2. Sunday, 17 July 2022 02:39
    How much lower is the rpm in 5th on the e350/e351 compared to the stock s54 ?
    1. Thursday, 18 August 2022 19:38
      My E351 swap blog post has an excel calculator that includes the S54 gearing.  The difference is significant.  3100rpm in 5th on the S54 is 67mph, on the Camry E351 it's 80mph.  The shorter final drive version of the E351 and the E350 both fall in between.
  3. Thursday, 18 August 2022 16:26
    This shift selector shaft will work as a direct replacement for my 1993 mr2 turbo e153 transmission?
    1. Thursday, 18 August 2022 19:24
      Yes, it is designed to to work with all three versions of the E153, as well as the E350/E351.
  4. Saturday, 03 September 2022 18:45
    Alex I used these carbide tipped hole saws I got from Amazon to modify the E350-E351 case to be used in an SW20 MR2.

    16mm (5/8")Metal Steel Hole Saw Drill Bit TCT Hole Cutter for Thick Metal ,Stainless Steel ,Iron and Wood (16mm)

    AUTOTOOLHOME TCT Hole Saw for Steel Tungsten Carbide Tipped Hole Saw Drill Bit T.C.T Hole Cutter with M2 Titanium Plated Pilot Drill Bit Professional for Hard Metal Stainless Steel Cast Iron (1-1/8"(28mm))
    They worked great to cut clean accurate holes for the shift rod and seal.
    I first drilled a small pilot hole by using a .25” drill to create a center point in the indention cast on the inside of the case. I then used a drill bit the size 

    I used your method Alex to keep the shavings out of the transmission but I used two brass tubes I bought from Amazon. I put grease in the end I’d be drilling at to capture the drill shavings.

    I also used the brass tubes to keep my drill straight while drilling the pilot hole. I used the shift leaver cover and seal to keep everything in line. 
    You can see I used masking tape to increase the size of the brass tubes so they fit snug on the seal. The smaller brass tube fits snug in the bearing on the side. 
    I used an extension that fit snug in the brass tubes and all this kept my drill straight.
    I then replaced the drill bits on the hole saws with a same size centering rod I made from a screw with a long shank. The pilot hole I drilled in the case was just large enough for the centering rod of the hole saws to fit in.
    Using the pilot hole as a guide I drilled the seal hole almost .50” deep. I then used the pilot hole as a guide to drill shift rod hole. 
    I vacuumed the hole saw shavings up before removing the saws from the hole. This helped in keeping the shavings out of the transmission. The brass tube with grease in it remained in place to catch the shavings while drilling the shift rod hole. After these two holes were cut I then removed the remaining material between the seal hole and the shifting shaft hole with a dremel. I believe it would be easier to remove that material by using a hole saw sized between the two shown above before drilling the shaft hole.
    The new seal fit a little loose so I used locktite to secure the secure it in place.
    As you can see it almost looks factory.
    I hope this helps people in making this modification.
    1. Monday, 05 September 2022 15:22
       Thanks for the info Fred.  Unfortunately this comment system doesn't support image uploads, but the information should still be useful.
    2. Tuesday, 08 November 2022 16:45

      Could you send my the pictures you tried to send?  Ill give you my email

  5. Tuesday, 28 March 2023 12:06

    would this swap work with a na MR2?

    1. Tuesday, 28 March 2023 12:31

      Yes, but you might have to drill the 5S block to take the carrier bearing bracket.  Other than that, you could use the E35x transmissions with the 5SFE.

    2. Monday, 15 May 2023 15:43

      Which carrier bearing bracket would I use for it?

    3. Monday, 15 May 2023 17:49

      3SGTE carrier bracket should fit the 5s block.  That's what people use for 5SGTE builds.

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